Chef Mark Peel Finds New Success with Prawn Restaurant in Pasadena

Pasadena Now - February 22, 2018

Chef Peel first made a name for himself as sous chef working for Wolfgang Puck at his world famous Spago restaurant.

Peel first ventured into his own restaurant business with his restaurant Campanile, then Chef Peel decided to do something he always wanted to do-create an affordable seafood restaurant with an upscale taste.

To that end he opened his first Prawn restaurant in 2015, and now, Chef Peel has opened his second Prawn resto in our rosey Pasadena.

“The second Prawn is much bigger, and more ambitious than the first one,” Chef Peel said.

Prawn’s main menu is based on tasty broth bowls using such ingredients as saffron, lobster, curry, and chicken. Prawn also offers vegan bowls.

According to Chef Peel, Prawn is not your everyday, ordinary seafood restaurant. The food that is being served is hot, ready, and served within minutes. Prawn may not be as upscale as Peel’s previous restaurants, but that is how he wants it.

“I’ve always wanted to do something where (at least) 70 percent can afford it, and with this (Prawn), I’ve finally done it,” says Peel.

Besides seafood broth bowls, Prawn serves salads and sandwiches like the fried chicken sandwich, lobster rolls, and other vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Wine and beer is served with the meals.

If Chef Peel’s success and reputation for creating good food in the past is any indication, then Prawn will be serving it up for a very long time.